Alba Web Bronze Hosting

The Bronze hosting package is ideal for students and anyone just atarting out, and with the ability to upgrade to any other package at any time it's the ideal starting package!

What so you get?

  • 150MB web storage
  • 1000MB Bandwidth
  • 5 E-mail accounts
  • 1 Mysql Database
  • cPanel, PHP5, MySQL 5

Platform for Reliability and Performance

With our SSD-powered storage being centralised in a highly available 10Gbe Storage Area Network (SAN). This not only makes our storage and network a lot quicker than our competition, but it also means that you're no longer reliant on the physical machine on which your web hosting or VPS runs.

Our next generation OnAPP cloud hosting cluster controller monitors all cPanel hosting services both day and night, and if it detects any failure of any critical hardware, it'll automatically move your hosting onto spare hardware!

  • 99.99% Uptime as Standard
  • Dell & CISCO Hardware
  • OnApp Cloud-Powered
  • UK Hosted in Manchester
  • Daily Backups as Standard
  • Firewall Security Protection
  • SSD-Powered

Want more? See our Silver hosting Package

But not to worry, as this all happens so seamlessly that you will never notice even notice, and rest assured this will have no impact on your web hosting, or e-mail services. We're so confident that it works, that we guarantee your hosting won't drop below 99.99% availability.

Most other web hosting servers are vastly under-used. In tests across our data centres we've found that at any given time, about 75% of our hardware is being used less than 25% of its maximum capacity.

That's a big waste of energy and money. By pooling both back-end storage and front-end servers we can cut hardware costs dramatically and pass that saving on to you. It also makes the whole process energy efficient. This also means that your web hosting package always has the power you need, providing unrivalled performance gains, you're never going to find your cloud hosting low on resources.

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